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Statistics on the BOT

Many people ask for the performance figures for the BOT.  Here's some statistical reasons why it's misleading to provide a specific performance number.

Assuming that your broker offers 22 pairs, 7 timeframes, and 6 expiration times (expiries); there are 964 possible combinations to run the strategy.

binary options stats

That also assumes the same set of settings are used.  If settings of the EA are included, this number quickly jumps in the thousands.

But this is also good news - because it means that the results are spread out widely, that ensures it will not cause a problem for brokers.

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More info about the BOT


See the following page for updated Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy?

The accuracy depends on how the EA is loaded.  It's possible to use the EA on a 1 minute time frame with 60 second expiry, which would generate many trades but less accurate.  We've found the best combination is a mid time frame and expiry, such as 15 minute or 30 minute.  Accuracy can be as high as 80% when using the mid time frames.  Also this varies by pair.

Are signals continuously generated throughout the 24 hours? 

Yes.  The EA generates signals 24 hours a day when the markets are open.  However, we've added a feature 'trade during certain times' which allows traders to select what session they want to trade in.  We've found the more active sessions, such as London, produce a higher accuracy level.

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We’ve increased our price to 99 per month

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Binary Options Trader - we've raised our price to $99/month.

Also, for our Elite package, we are now only allowing professional investors to join.

See our Order page to sign up as a member!

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