Binary Options Trader

The B.inary O.ptions T.rader (BOT) is a fully automated, algorithmic trading system designed specifically to trade Binary Options symbols in the Meta Trader 4 platform.  What is unique about the BOT system is there is no intervention required by the user - it's totally automated!  At the same time, users can adjust the settings to suit their trading needs.  Parameters such as investment amount, expiry time, pair symbol, time to trade, and 'reverse signal' are all manageable by the user.  Several suggested templates are included but users are encouraged to modify the settings according to their trading needs.  Checkout how the signals look on the chart:


This EA is the world's first fully automated EA for Forex Binary Options in Meta Trader 4.  If you do not have an MT4 account for Binary Options, members receive information on choice brokers offering BO in MT4.  We also offer an alerts-only system in case you want to use our system with your existing non-MT4 Binary Options broker.

Features include

  • Trade how you want - choose the pair, time frame, expiry, and investment amount
  • Several suggested templates included
  • "Reverse Signal" function
  • Trade only certain sessions
  • Use as a plain alert system for trading with non-MT4 brokers
  • Fully automated - once you enter your desired settings, the Expert Adviser automatically places trades for you, 24 hours a day, when the market is open

As a subscriber, you will receive:

  • Constant updates and improvements to the system
  • Education materials
  • eBooks about trading Binary Options
  • User manual to trade Binary Options in MT4
  • Special members only BO offers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy?

The accuracy depends on how the EA is loaded.  It's possible to use the EA on a 1 minute time frame with 60 second expiry, which would generate many trades but less accurate.  We've found the best combination is a mid time frame and expiry, such as 15 minute or 30 minute.  Accuracy can be as high as 90% when using the mid time frames.  Also this varies by pair.

Are signals continuously generated throughout the 24 hours? 

Yes.  The EA generates signals 24 hours a day when the markets are open.  However, we've added a feature 'trade during certain times' which allows traders to select what session they want to trade in.  We've found the more active sessions, such as London, produce a higher accuracy level.

Do you offer a managed account service?

No, not at this time.  We provide the EA which traders can use at their discretion.  The EA is fully automated, but the trader decide what expiry, time frame, and pair to use.  For this reason we do not publish results, as they vary greatly from trader to trader.

Do you publish results?

Because the results vary so greatly, we feel that it would be misleading to publish results of an individual client.  Also, some clients may not like their results to be published.

Can I use this system on a non-MT4 binary broker?

Absolutely.  However, you would not have the benefit of automation.  Once an alert is generated, you would need to place the trade on your binary broker.

Do I get the code of the system?

BOT Members license the EA and have unlimited use.  The code is not included - it can be purchased separately.

What are the terms of the license?

Monthly subscription - unlimited use on your own accounts.  That means one license per person.  You can use it on multiple trading accounts (not at the same time though).  You may not sell it, sub-lease it, or use it to operate a managed accounts program.

Are there any guarantees provided?

We do not guarantee results, or how the system may perform on some brokers vs. others.

What pairs can I use this on?

The BOT can be loaded on any pair provided by your broker.  Some brokers offer different pairs.  BOT members can use as many pairs as they want.

What pairs are recommended?

Traders have good experiences with majors, especially GBP crosses.

What timeframes and expiries are recommended?

We've found that the 15 minute, 30 minute, and hourly expiries generate the best results.  But the 5 minute (expiry / chart) combination is by far the most popular.  However, each broker offers a different set of expiries so you would need to check what expiries are available at your broker.

What broker do you recommend?

We are broker neutral, so we do not publish a list of brokers publicly.  However, for members we do have relationships with brokers that can facilitate a live account,  We have relationships with these MT4 brokers.

Is the EA locked?

The EA is locked with the service.  A bridge linking MQLLock and members area was built that synchronizes user data.  If you are a vendor or other Forex signal provider this bridge can be purchased - see the full package here.

Are all brokers the same?

No - each broker controls Binary Options settings such as the expiries and pairs offered.  Other settings that are individually changed by each broker means that trading conditions will vary from broker to broker.

Can I use this EA on normal spot Forex pairs?

No - the order entry mechanism has been programmed specifically for Forex symbols with the bo suffix.  Binary options trade differently than spot Forex pairs.